CCAC CART/Captioning Technology Database                        
Company CART Captioning Onsite Remote Method(s) Transcribing Hardware Transcribing Software Audio Source Audio Hardware Data Transmission Viewing Software Viewing Hardware Projector Projector Screen
Michelle Coffey (PCR Ltd) Y Y Y Y Stenography Stentura 8000 & 400srt/Diamante;  Eclipse (Advantage Software) Wincaps (Sysmedia) Onsite, Skype, Teleconference, VoIP, telphone Polycom Sound-station 2, VoIP soft phone, Alphacom headset WiFi, 3G, external modem, encoder Seewritenow/StreamText/Stenocase/Bridge Acer Aspire One Netbooks Samsung Displaymatic  
Quality Realtime Services, LLC Y Soon Y Y Stenography Stentura 6000/Stentura 8000/Lightspeed, Toshiba & Dell laptops Advantage (Eclipse) onsite, phone, VoIP phone with volume boost, beats by dr. dre headphones DSL, fiber optics StreamText Toshiba Portege laptop Epson generic  
  Out-of-the box wireless system AccuCap Captioning Software   4G Thunderbolt Droid cell phone   Dell Latitude D610   21 inch monitor  
Heidi C. Thomas Y Y Y Y Stenograph Onsite: Stenograph Mira/Dell Laptop Advantage Software Eclipse Onsite, Telephone, Teleconference, VoIP Phone Coupler/Amplifier/VoIP/Landline Cable, WiFi, 3G  StreamText/TeleView/Elluminate/Adope Connect Dell Laptop/Extended Screen Optoma N/A  
  Remote: Stenograph Mira/Desktop Computer  
Carol-Joy Harris y N Y N Stenography Stenograph Wave Advantage Software Onsite  
Independent contracting Y N Y Y Stenograph Cybra, Dell and Acer computer Advantage Software Eclipse Onsite, Telephone, Teleconference, VoIP Telephone with headset and VoIP headset Cable Streamtext, Elluminate, GoToMeeting, Speche Dell or Acer computer Epson Epson Duet  
StenoKnight CART Services Y N Y Y Stenotype Infinity Ergonomic, Lenovo laptop Total Eclipse, Plover Onsite, Skype, Google Chat Sennheiser can headphones, Boostaroo Wideband (~50 Mbps) cable modem, 4G wireless modem (~15 Mbps) Streamtext, Teleview Lenovo laptop, Samsung Q1 tablet, smartphone, projector Viewsonic Da-Lite  
Good Sport Captioning Y Y Y Y Stenograph Stenograph BCS Stenograph BCS Onsite, telephone Clear One Auto Coupler Internet, telephone StreamText Daktronics Scoreboard n/a n/a  
  Eclipse utilized by contractors Eclipse utilized by contractors Onsite and telephone unknown unknown StreamText Daktronics Scoreboard n/a n/a  
UC Berkeley Y Y Y Y Machine Stenography Stenograph (Diamante, Wave) Advantage Software Eclipse Onsite  USB Mic (The Sound Professionals) WiFi Join Me PC Laptop Epson Assorted  
  Gemini Writers Stenocat Audio Stream thru PA system Mini Mac Ethernet Cable Gather Place Mac Laptop  
  Case Catalyst Google Talk  
Turner Reporting & Captioning Services Y Y Y Y Stenograph Stenograph Diamonte, Sony,  Advantage Software Onsite, Telephone, Teleconference, VoIP Cable, WiFi, 3G  Stenocast, Bridge, Streamtext Acer Aspire One Netbook Samsung  Displaymatic  
& Captioning    and several other laptops,  Eclipse & AccuCap  
  netbooks, and handheld devices  
Q&A Reporting, Inc. Y Y Y Y Stenograph Stenograph Diamanté, Toshiba Laptop, Mac CaseCatalyst/BCS Onsite, Telephone, Teleconference, VoIP, Skype, Elluminate or Blackboard, xTag Wireless Microphone Polycom Sound-station 2, VoIP, Behringer Monitor Speaker, Sennheiser Headphones, Rolls 4-channel Studio headphone Amp, telephone Cable, WiFi, 3G  Stenocast, Bridge, Streamtext Acer Aspire One Netbook Samsung  Displaymatic  
 Mary Ann Payonk,  Real Realtime LLC Y Y Y N Stenograph Dimante Writer, Sony Vaio Advantage Software Total Eclipse with AccuDAP Onsite, Boundary mics and Mixer Mics, Mixer, Headphones WiFI Stenocast, Bridge, CaseView Net, streamtext,  myView iPad, notebook Y Y  
Sue Perrish N Y N Y Stenotype CAT Stenotype Stenograph BCS Polycom Speakerphone, Hello Direct Amplifier  Ethernet Cable, Serial Modem ? Dell Y Y  
Coast 2 Coast Captioning Y Y Y Y Stenography ProCat Flash Steno Machine CaseCatalyst & BCS, ProCat & Captivision Telphone, Teleconference, VoIP,   Audio Coupler, Computer, Computer Headset  US Robotics external modem Eclipse, CaseCatalyst, ProCat Laptop, Netbook, StenoCast TV, iPad, Smartphone, Tablet Y Y  
  Stentura 500 Steno Machine  
  Lenovo ThinkPads  
  Toshiba Netbook  
  Apple iPad  
  Hitachi Projector  
  EEG Encoder  
  Stenocast TV  
Kathryn A. Thomas Y N Y Y Stenograph LightSpeed, Dell notebook, Asus notebook DigitalCAT Google Talk, Skype Kensington noise cancelling hedaphones Ethernet Cable Bridge, Steamtext, Gathering Place LightSpeed, Dell notebook, Asus notebook n/a n/a  
Visible Voices, Inc. Y N Y Y Stenograph Writer, Laptop (Various providers) Various Onsite, Telephone, Teleconference, VoIP Various Cable, WiFi, 3G  Streamtext and other free platforms Acer Aspire One Netbook Epson Varies  
Golden Translations N Y N Y timed text, captioning, multi-lingual subtitling Subtitle Workshop   Subtitle workshop  
Young Reporting Services Y N Y Y Stenography Various steno machines & laptops; Stenocast Various; ProCat, Stenograph, Eclipse Onsite, Telephone, Teleconference, VOIP (Skype) Polycom, VOIP (Skype) Ethernet TeleView, Bridge, Stenocast hardware, Streamtext Computer ViewSonic & Dell Y  
  Realtime Voicewriting Various CART providers' computers; Stenocast Dragon Natuarlly Speaking Professional  
  plus Advantage Software Eclipse  
Toni Christy Y Y Y Y Stenography Writer, Laptop CaseCatalyst Skype, AIM, Telephone, Web Headphones Modem Streamtext, E-Learning Computer N N