Online Captioning Tools by Zehavit Ehre and Claude Almansi
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  CaptionTube dotSUB over stream Universal Subtitles subtitle-horse subPLY Subber  
free service Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes  
paid service available - Yes Yes ? - Yes -  
uploading video from Youtube etc. YouTube only Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes YouTube only  
uploading video from the computer - Yes - - - not in the free account -  
can I import an existing subtitling file - ? Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes  
can I export subtitling file srt, sub srt, stl, tt,ass srt srt, ssa, ttml, txt, sbv timedText, SRT, encore... timedText, SRT, encore... not at the moment  
can I embed the video with the subs - Yes Yes Yes - Yes not at the moment  
SEO ? Yes Yes Yes - Yes Yes  
search words in subs - Yes Yes - - Yes Yes  
divide subtitle to more than one line (use ALT+ENTER or SHIFT+ENTER) V - Yes Yes Yes - Yes  
translators community in the site - Yes Yes Yes - Yes Yes  
ease of use (1-5) 2 4 4 5 5 4 3  
multilingual subtitling on the same video file   Yes - yes but the two languages are presented one on top of the other        
a sample file made by the authors   Click here Click here Click here     Click here  
advantages Youtube tool 1. The permissions can be customized (e.g. authorizing only selected people to work on the file, make the video private, etc), the only tool that enables uploading the video from the computer   1. Spell checker. 2. When you upload an already subtitled video the subtitles are imported with the video so that you can make a translation with existing timing. 3. It is a Crowd-Sourcing site, which means one can share his/her translation and anyone can add another language to an existing subtitled video. 1. Linebreak enabled. 2. It's the only tool that is accessible for the visually impaired       
disadvantages   1. Sometimes cannot upload web files. 2. Video length is limited to 25 minutes. 1. quite slow. 2. It is not collaborative. you can use only one language at a time. going back is 8 seconds, which might be too long It doesn't stay online (only for four days) you need to look carefully for the do-it-yourself option. It's not clearly presented, One cannot export the subtitles  
additional notes       captioning process divided to 3 stages: transcription, timing, review a simple tool based on Subtitle-Horse